Popping the Post Cherry

In the distant future, humans and other sentient beings have furthered their understanding of quantum physics and mechanics, and now live in a world that would astound our under-developed 21st-century-brains. I would try to explain it, but trust me–it’s far too complicated. Plus, it’s entirely made up and would never withstand serious inquiry, so please willingly hang up your disbelief and prepare to fill your spank bank!

After being betrayed by her husband, Atarah shies away from sex and intimacy, so she is less-than-thrilled when she finds out the new Curve Surfer–aka, Curfer–she boards is fueled entirely by sexual energy. The Spacegasm series describes (in detail) Atarah’s sexperiences in a playful, tongue-in-cheek world where anyone’s erotic fantasies can be ordered at the press of a button and all puns are intended.

In all honesty, the plot-line for this series unfolded much more quickly than the ideas for sexy times. If you are a reader and would like to see Atarah, Sapphire, or anyone else in certain positions, please fill out the comments in the ‘About’ section and give me some ideas. I will credit your screen name for the scenario, but please understand any ideas are freely and willfully given and no other compensation should be expected.

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