The Spacesgasm series is serial erotic fiction, not full-length novels. Currently we are following the adventures of Deputy Commodore Atarah Retus.

Episode 1 – Explorotica: Come for the Show

Explorotica Come for the Show

Atarah is eager to start her life over on a new Curve Surfer as Deputy Commodore. However, she soon realizes that this ship is fueled by an unexpected energy when she is ‘treated’ to an erotic show her first day aboard.

This title is FREE on Smashwords and $.99 through Amazon. (I can’t figure out how to make it free on Amazon, plus I would also love your dollar.)



Episode 2 – Terra Nova

Terra Nova Cover

In the second installment of the Spacegasm Series, Atarah debates whether or not she will be able to stay aboard a ship that is fueled by sexual energy. Certainly, it has its perks: a promotion, posh living quarters, and a friendlier-than-usual crew. Still, she must decide if she’s able to move forward from her past and allow physical intimacy back into her life. With the help of the ship and the vivacious cadet Sapphire, Atarah soon learns that some new frontiers can be explored without even leaving her bedroom.

This title is FREE on Smashwords and $.99 through Amazon. (See explanation and confession above)



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